GIFT Language Center provides a variety of academic programs, ranging from core courses for undergraduate students, such as IELTS I (Spoken English), to teacher preparation (PGD in ELT). Other international languages, including Chinese and Turkish, are taught alongside English in GLC due to their relevance in worldwide trade and business. In addition, GLC holds regular workshops on Professional Writing for Exams, Content Writing, Creative Writing, and CV Writing. Furthermore, GLC plans to offer its services to local and national firms after conducting a series of successful corporate training sessions inside the Credence group.


Training Courses

The GIFT Language Center offers various academic programs, including English courses, teacher preparation, and international language instruction. They also provide workshops on different writing skills and plan to expand their corporate training services.

Foreign Language Courses

GIFT Language Center offers Turkish language (A1 level), Mandarin Chinese, and advanced IELTS courses to enhance communication and academic opportunities.

Corporate Training

The GIFT Assessment Cell aims to enhance corporate efficiency and culture through tailored training programs. Offerings include CV writing, leadership development, compliance, and more.

Communication Improvement Program

GLC offers a unique English course focusing on grammar, vocabulary, and speaking confidence through interactive activities. Students practice speaking through discussions and simple tasks to build comfort with the language.

Community Engagement Program

GLC’s Community Engagement Program involves various initiatives such as language workshops, cultural events, and volunteering opportunities to promote language learning and cultural exchange within the local community.

Future Programs

The GLC’s Future Program includes short courses catering to various language learning needs and preferences. These courses cover business communication, academic writing, advanced grammar, and cultural immersion. Students can choose from diverse courses to enhance their language skills and achieve their specific goals.


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Dr. Muhammad Asir Ajmal


Dr. Taimur Kayani


Mr. Zahid Majeed


Mr. Hassan Basit